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Boy's Life

Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammon "It was very tough job to rate this book
First of all, how can you rate the world of someone's childhood????
Secondly, yes, the book is brilliant; yes, it's full of nostalgy, mystic adventures and scary misadventures, spooky atmosphere, far and dim images of reader's own childhood, magic, usual life and so on and so on
And I like, really like every single item of this list, but....
Too many stories inside the book
And when you read, you can notice that one chapter is amazing, another is good, third is amazing and next two are good and you have this feeling through the entire book
So, at the end of the book you can't understand whether this book is very good or amazing
Because of this, I've made the decision to rate each chapter separately and find an arithmetic mean
The result is 4.25
So, my rating for this book is 4 stars
But this lack of one star does not mean anything and if you want to return into your childhood for one or two evenings, feel the summer breeze on your face like no adults can, recall how to be happy when you find an unusual stone, figure out that bad people are weak defeatable minority....
Allow this book to lead you to the shores where the parents were young, bikes were the best vehicles and night camp in the wood was much better than sycophant glamour of the adult world"